Environ Advanced Vitamin Facial (10 areas)

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This revolutionary treatment uses the Environ Ionzome machine to apply a combination of electrical pulses and sound waves to drive vital skin vitamins into the skin. Penetration is increased up to 4,000 times compared to simply massaging the creams in by hand.

The treatment stimulates maximum thickening of the skin, helps to improve collagen and elastin levels to soften lines and scars, reduce uneven skin tone and increase hydration.

Packed with nourishing, anti-ageing ingredients, the Active Vitamin Treatment will leave your skin looking radiant and dewy. The freshest, most active forms of vitamin A, C and antioxidants are driven deep into the lower layers of the skin using sound waves and small electrical pulses.

This scientific approach stimulates collagen to soften lines and improve elasticity, increase hydration and boost radiance.